Flex Printing Machine

What is Flex Printing machine?

Flex printing machine where Flex is a sheet of poly Vinyl Chloride which is exceedingly utilized for high quality advanced printer for colossal board and banner mainly printed by use large color this machine is known as Flex printing machine India.

What is a Flex printing machine used for?

The Flex Printing machine is used for large board, Digital banner, paper, PVC, mesh fabrics, and foot cloth, Indoor wall paper, ceiling films, Textiles, Car sticker, bus shelters etc. many more.

What different types are of flex printing machine?

The different type of flex printing machine is

  • Flex printing machine 2,4,8 color
  • Digital Flex Printing Machine
  • Flex banner printing machine
  • Solvent Based Printing Machine
  • Digital Inkjet Printing Machine
  • Economical Flex Printing Machine
  • Solvent Based Printing Machine
  • Manual Banner Printing Machine
  • Xaar Head Flex Printing Machine
  • Polaris flex printing machine
  • High resolution flex printing machine
  • Allwin Solvent Printer

How Does a flex printing machine work

A Flex printing machine manufacturer works as flexible printing plate is mounted to a plate cylinder. This plate is then roll to connect with an engraved inking which stores in a film of ink into the printing plates. The printing plates is on the other hand turned into connect with print media web depositing ink during which the web supported by the impression roll.

The Flex print is normally mounted on the loading packaging machine close to the closed die section. The print media enter on the top of the printer and the internal rolls direct the web through the printing section of the printer.

There are various component used in Flex printing machine.

Servo Drive Systems:- The Flex print is best accomplished using a Servo Drive system to assist the plate cylinder. Both the servo Flex print and Flex print II utilize axima motion controllers and E-series digital Servo Motors.

Doctor Blade:- A Doctor blade exclude foaming with water based inks and maintain viscosity control for consistent ink lay down. The Doctor blade allows the ability to print Good type and small graphics details.

Ink Management:- Ink management provide a lnk for quick color change and improved ink management as they offers you Doctor blade and 2 color pumping system.

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Flex printing machine price in India ?

The Flex printing machine price in India is starting from approx. 50,000 up to 1250000. The flex printing machine price in US is starting from $ 5,000 to $ 38,000. As the price of flex printing machine highly depends upon you which model you select.