Wallpaper Printer :

Siddharth printing machine PVT LTD carry a large variety of Wallpaper printer for various printer brands and suppliers. We are having wide variety of flex printer machine, Inks and printer also. The printer is having two head model with intelligent infrared heater and fan drying system. The wallpaper printer is used in printing media like flex banner, Vinyl, PVC,Canvas, wallpaper etc. The printer where all channels color is to be exchanged freely.  The printer is utilizing high quality materials and test through different ways. The printer is stable and competent enough for mass production requirement. The feature are

  • Rip while printing
  • Printing area selectable
  • Automatically sensor media for setting print
  • Improve printing quality
  • High efficient printing
  • White with both x and y direction.
Wallpaper Printer

Laminate Door Printer :

Siddharth printing machine PVT LTD carries a large variety of printer brands and suppliers in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The laminate door printer is highly used for flex banner, PVC, canvas, door, wallpaper etc. and much more.The printer print 1.8 meter wide format output. You can use different kind of ink as per your requirement. The complement of point technology eliminating the crude sensation of the images even under high speed or low resolution and high quality images can be printed.

Features :

  • Printing area selectable
  • Skip white printing direction
  • Micro adjustment of printing voltage
  • All color channels
  • Automatic ink system and cleaning function
Laminate Door Printer