What is means by Solvent Ink ?

Solvent Inks is a one type of Ink made to work in printer. The solvent Ink is used to mean any ink that is not made with a water base.  Solvent inks are generally pigment inks they contains pigments rather than dyes but unlike the aqueous version where carrier is water.

One of the most commonly used inks in printing industry is Solvent inks.  Solvent Ink is comprised of a fluid, pigment, and resin which result in a durable long lasting ink. Solvent Ink cures with either air or heat application. Solvent ink air dries Ink could dry with in the printing heads clogging the machine and causing your design to print wrong. Frequently cleaning of the heads will prevent this from occurring. This additional maintenance can also cause downtime of printers and increased costs which many printers pass into their customers in the form of higher costs.

Solvent Inks

Solvent based ink do allow for a smaller dot size when printing providing gradients in color which water. Solvent inks are best suited for printing White or light colored materials because ink is not as Vibrant when printer on darker colored surfaces.

The advantages of Solvent ink are nearly reasonable and enable printing on adaptable uncoated Vinyl substrates which is used to produce Vehicle graphics, billboards, banners, and adhesive decals. As the solvent Inks are generally waterproof and UV safe without any special types of coatings.

ECO Solvent inks :

Siddharth printing machine PVT LTD carry a large variety of Eco solvent Inks for various printer brands and suppliers. As all our products are specially design to provide a close match color and image quality to original Eco solvent ink while providing cost saving to the consumers.

What is Eco solvent Ink ?

Eco solvent Inks have small and no odour and not contain any harmful ingredients. The solvent with Eco are usually biodegrable and able to broken down. Eco solvent Inks can differentiate have a moderately low VOC and utilized it for office or studio as long as there is adequate respiration.  There is little odour so they can be used in indoor design and promote. Eco solvent Ink requires more heat to dry than strong solvents that affects some media usually you should have to use a thicker and more expensive Vinyl to stand the heat than you would with a strong solvent ink.

The various benefits of Eco solvent inks is

  • Eco Friendly: – Eco solvent does not produces fumes and generally regarded to be friendly to the environment by comparison.
  • Use Billboards and outdoor advertise: – Eco solvent inks are typically is highly durable and well to both covered and uncoated surface with conveying high resolution pictures that are perfectsfor utilizingbillboards and outdoor publicize.
  • Printer presentation: – Eco solvent ink is less harsh on print heads which means they help extend your printer lifespan and spare money in long run.
Eco Solvent Inks