What is UV curable ink ?

UV Curing means ultra violet curing is a photo-chemical procedure in which high-intensity ultraviolet light is utilized to instantly cure or dry inks secured. UV curing inks is utilized as a part printing purpose it is 100% solid system which does not contain solvent its evaporates during the curing stage. The volumes are somewhat susceptible to crack so it’s applied to flexible substrates. This is highly used in the hybrid printer to print into vinyl and other flexible media and with solvent flex printing machine . The are some unfavourable here with regards to ink densities and speed of drying. This used for the outdoor advertise and display application similar requirement in the automotive paints.

Advantages of UV curable inks

  • Excellent color values
  • UV curable inks does not dry in the screen
  • Very rapid curing
  • Reducing work-in-process
  • Less floor space is needed
UV curable inks